Outreach Mail Questions: Why Does Our Member Account Go Inactive?

by Jim Chesters

To keep Petfinder’s adoptable pet search accurate for the public, if a Petfinder member account is not updated at least once in 90 days, it becomes “inactive.”  This just means the organization and pets no longer appear in the search engine, temporarily. When the group logs in and updates their pet list, the pets and organization will automatically appear once again in the search.

Inactive KittensTwo automatic reminders are sent–one at 30 days to remind members they should log into their in the next two weeks, and another on the day the account falls inactive. If your group has no changes to make, just log in at https://pro.petfinder.com. The system will see your activity and you’ll be set for another 90 days! If your group regularly updates your pet list, you may never have received a reminder. If your group is small or has pets that take longer to find a home, you might receive a reminder every month or so.

Why would such a system be in place? To give your adoptable pets the very best chance at adoption!  Organizations may have changed the volunteer or staff member responsible for posting pets, and there can be a long delay before they assign a new one.  Perhaps a group forgets their password and hasn’t had a chance to request a new one to keep their pet list current. Some groups retire and leave rescue entirely. If all of those “old” pets remained active in the search engine, even though they were adopted long ago, these non-adoptable pets would be mixed in with your very-adoptable pets. The public would inquire about them and receive a “He’s already been adopted” reply, or no reply at all. This can be awfully frustrating for a potential adopter who wants to give a pet a great home!

If you do receive a reminder, this is a great opportunity to update any pet profiles that may need an updated photo, or a status change. Is that “baby” kitten now a “young” cat?  Did a volunteer just take a great photo of a pet that could replace an older one?

If you receive a reminder email and have forgotten your password, just hit “reply” and we’ll be glad to help you out!

We want your adoptable pets to be “front and center” in the Petfinder pet search, and for visitors to Petfinder to have a great experience when they contact shelters and adoption groups to inquire about a pet.