Make Your Pets Famous on Instagram

by Jim Chesters

Instagram is a haven for pet photos. Dogs and cats have made careers for their owners off of looking cute and being in Instagram photos. The social media site is a magnet for animal lovers who are looking to brighten their days with cute and charming pet photos. That’s why you should have your pets up there too!

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Instagram is a photo sharing social media site that operates on your smartphone. Once you download the app you can use it to create an account and take or upload photos to be posted. Your followers see your pictures in a real-time feed, much like Twitter.

Each photo lets you include a description, so Instagram can be a great way of telling a story and promoting your group while sharing photos.

Although it lets you take a photo within the app the Instagram camera isn’t the best for getting those pet photos. Their camera allows only one shot at a time and offers no way to save a photo other than posting it. For that reason it may be better to take the photos using your smartphone’s own camera tool. Any photos you’ve taken can be open and uploaded in Instagram.

On Instagram topics are compiled using hashtags. You create hashtags by adding a pound sign (#) to the start of a word or series of conjoined words. When the photo is posted, the hashtags become links to collections of other images under the same hashtag, which users use to search and find photos they are interested in. #rescue, #dogsofinstagram, #catsofinstagram, #adoptdontshop, and #instadog are just some examples of popular hashtags you can utilize.

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Instagram can be a great way to showcase your adoptable pets, but it can also be a place to show rescue stories, new adopters, scenes from your events and more. There are so many stories you can tell with your photos.

Be sure to follow other rescue organizations and share their posts with your followers. You can end up with followers from all over the globe and although you may not be in their area to adopt, you can show them someone who is.

If you are using Instagram share your usernames in the comments below or on our Facebook page!  And let us know which groups you like on Instagram.

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