Adopt A Rescued Bird Month

by Kristen

January is Adopt a Rescued Bird Month!

It’s not unusual for birds to find their way into shelters or rescue groups.  Whether exotic or barnyard birds, oftentimes a lack of understanding of the attention and special care these animals need leads to them entering the sheltering system.  To highlight and celebrate of these special pets, Petfinder has designated January as Adopt-a-Rescued-Bird-Month!

The month is yours to celebrate as you see fit and below you’ll find some tools and resources to help get you started.

 Ways to celebrate:

– One of the biggest causes of birds ending up in a shelter environment is a lack of understanding of their behavior and required cared.  Providing bird care related resources to potential adopters and sharing information with your fans and followers can help!  You can find many helpful articles on Petfinder for new owners or potential adopters and those looking to choose the right companion bird.

– Share 10 Things You Need To Know Before Adopting a Bird

– Capture some great new photos to update and freshen pet profiles. Learn some tips for photographing your adoptable birds in their best light.

– Have a bird-only adoption promotion or event

– Promote adoptable birds through the Featured Pet Module or Pet List Scroller


Helpful Bird Resources for Members

–          Enrichment for exotic birds in a shelter environment

–          Enrichment for barnyard birds in a shelter environment 

–          Bird photography tips

Visit our Petfinder Pro Facebook page and let us know how you’re celebrating! Or, do you have a great bird adoption story?  Share it with us, we’d love to hear it!