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by Kristen

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Pet Profile Page Update! On each Petfinder pet profile, you will find buttons for site visitors to engage with your organization by making a donation or inquiring about the pet up for adoption.

The Donate button will help you raise funds through Petfinder Foundation’s Sponsor a Pet program. If your organization is not currently participating in Sponsor a Pet, scroll down for more information.

The Ask About button allows potential adopters to inquire about the pet you’ve posted on Petfinder. This inquiry will be sent to you via email, with a subject line that starts with Petfinder Adoption Inquiry. Each form contains the adopter’s contact information for you to follow up directly and hopefully make a match!


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Take advantage of the new Donate button on Petfinder pet profiles! Register for Sponsor A Pet through Petfinder Foundation to raise funds with no effort!


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HSUS Animal Care Expo – Las Vegas, NV
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Prairie States Conference – Bloomington, IL

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