Petfinder Pro July Newsletter

by Kristen

Petfinder Member Newsletter



New Petfinder Logos
Have you seen our new logos? You’ll begin seeing them across Petfinder and Petfinder Pro pages in the coming months.
Click below to visit Petfinder Pro and check it out now!

Petfinder Pro

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Upcoming Events
Adoption Options Green Bay –
August 9

Adoption Options Missoula –
August 17

Adoption Options San Francisco –
September 15

Special Offers from Partners
How can you provide a service to adopters and pet parents while earning FREE microchips from our partners at HomeAgain?

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Social Media Highlights
Petfinder Pro on Facebook
Are you attending a Petfinder Pro Adoption Options event this year? Join our dedicated Facebook group to connect with fellow attendees. DM us on our main Facebook page for more info.

Petfinder Pro on Twitter
Petfinder is hitting the road, attending pet welfare conferences nationwide and tweeting
along the way.