Petfinder Pro December Newsletter

by Kristen

Petfinder Member Newsletter


New Feature
You asked for it! When adding adoptable dogs to Petfinder, you can now select Mixed Breed as the primary breed for dogs of unknown breed! Visit Petfinder Pro to update your pet list.


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Special Offer from Partners
Get the most out of holiday giving by letting supporters know they can donate right from your Petfinder pet profiles. If you are not already participating in Petfinder Foundation’s Sponsor A Pet program, sign up today!

Upcoming Events
March 6: California Animal Care Conference

March 30: Virginia Federation of Humane Societies Conference

May 9 – 12: HSUS Animal Care Expo

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Have you attended an Adoption Options workshop this year? Connect with other attendees and learn extras from our experts by participating in our Adoption Options Facebook Group.

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