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  • Jun 20 , 2019

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    Purina New Year, New Home Grant

    Boone Area Humane Society: Purina New Year, New Home June 14, 2019 What was the money or product used for? We used the $2,000 grant to reduce adoption fees for 40 cats. How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care? The reduced-fee adoptions helped get adult cats adopted faster. As we reduce the amount of time …

  • Jun 13 , 2019

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    Summer Ingredient Safety

    Summer Ingredient Safety: Ingredients Dogs Can & Can’t Have Summer Ingredient Safety: The summer warmth and sunshine brings with it barbecues, picnics and plenty of tasty treats. What if you drop a grape on the ground and your dog gobbles it up before you can grab it? Find out which summer fruits are safe for dogs and what to do …