3 Tips to Beat the Dog Days of Summer

by Kristen


3 Tips to beat the summer Dr. Reynolds






3 Tips to Beat the Dog Days of Summer

1. Avoid the Hottest Times of Day
Remember that an 80˚F day with no humidity will feel cooler than an 80˚F day with 90% humidity – for you and your dog.

2. Take Swim Breaks
A wet dog is a cool dog. Dr. Reynolds recommends planning outdoor activities around water. Sprinklers, pools, lakes, streams and more can all be fun and cooling. “It’s amazing how quickly that can lower his body temperature and make him feel good,” he says.

3. Use a Squirt Bottle to Keep Your Dog Hydrated
Dr. Reynolds recommends giving your dog small amounts of water every 15 to 20 minutes during outdoor activities. “That water is mostly for rinsing off the back of the throat and keeping their cooling system working well. I like squirt bottles because they work better for that type of thing. And the dogs learn to drink it.”