New and Improved Sponsor A Pet!

by Kristen

Dear Petfinder members,

The Petfinder Foundation is excited to announce that Sponsor a Pet has been relaunched, with a new look and improved features to help you raise even more money for your adoptable pets! Best of all, you’ll no longer need to sign up to receive donations through your pet listings. We know that in light of the pandemic, avenues for online fundraising are now more important than ever. We hope that these improvements will help support your organization and the pets in your care.

Our partners at the Petfinder Foundation have put together the following FAQs to provide you with everything you’ll need to know about the new and improved Sponsor a Pet program:

What is Sponsor a Pet?
The Petfinder Foundation’s Sponsor a Pet program lets you fundraise through Petfinder! Each adoptable pet listing on Petfinder automatically includes a ‘Sponsor’ button. When a visitor to Petfinder clicks the Sponsor button on one of your adoptable pets, they can donate to your organization to sponsor that pet or help other pets in your care.

How is the New Sponsor a Pet different?

  1. You won’t need to sign up to receive donations – no additional password to manage!
  2. A new mobile-friendly design makes it easier for visitors to donate from their phones.
  3. Visitors will be able to donate using their credit cards or their PayPal accounts.
  4. Donors may now give any amount greater than $10.
  5. No more anonymous donations!

How can I be sure I’ll be enrolled?
As an active Petfinder member, you will be automatically enrolled!

What if I don’t like free money?
If you wish to unenroll from Sponsor A Pet, please email Petfinder Foundation  at

How and when will I get my money?
Donations will be collected by the Petfinder Foundation and distributed four times per year (in April, July, October and January, for donations collected during the previous three months) via eCheck.

Wait, an eCheck??
Yes! These printable, emailed checks are valid and similar to mailed checks. They will be made out to your organization’s name as it’s displayed on Petfinder.

What if my group lists a phone number instead of a public email address?

If you don’t have a public email address the Petfinder Foundation will call you to confirm the correct email before sending your funds

Where will you send my eCheck?
As a default, Petfinder Foundation will use the email address you make available to Petfinder visitors. Petfinder Foundation realizes this email may not be checked daily; also that the person responsible for depositing your checks may change. Therefore, before they send you ANY check, Petfinder Foundation  will always let you know it’s coming so that, if necessary, you may update the email to which they’re sending it. In addition, you can always email them at to confirm or change the email they have on file.

How will I know I’ve received a donation?
Every time one of your pets is sponsored, you will instantly receive an email notification from the Petfinder Foundation. It will include the name of the pet sponsored, the amount, and the donor’s name and email address. It may also include a personal note from the donor.

Will I need to send my donor a receipt?
No – their donation is to the Petfinder Foundation and they will pass it through to you, so the Petfnder Foundation will email the donor a receipt for their tax records. However, we do hope that you will thank the donor soon after being notified of their donation, and that you will cultivate a relationship with them as a potential future donor, volunteer, and/or adopter.

Where do I find information about past donations?

Petfinder Foundation is happy to provide this information; simply email them at, being sure to provide your Petfinder shelter ID.

Do I have to use the donation for the sponsored pet?
No. Donors are informed up front that any funds not needed for the sponsored pet will be used to help other pets in your care.

Does the Petfinder Foundation take a percentage?
Petfinder Foundation deducts 10% from each donation to help cover the costs of administering the program. However, we hope that you will use the donor contact information to encourage the donor to give directly to your organization in the future.

If you have questions about the program, please contact the Petfinder Foundation at

Thank you for all you do to help homeless pets!