Update Your Petfinder Member Account

by admin

woman sitting on a white couch looking at a laptop with a dark brown dog resting his head on her leg

Changes are coming to Petfinder. Help us make sure you get all the details by logging in and updating your member profile. Ensuring you have the proper email address and contact information will not only allow us to send helpful, personalized communications—it will also help you place more pets into homes faster than ever before.


The Importance of Your Profile


A complete member profile allows our new platform tools to work more efficiently, sending you better matches for your pets, timely communication, and help when you need support.

  1. Better Pet Matches
    Help us send inquiries from potential adopters to the right person on your team by updating your email address. Make sure the perfect application never gets missed, and more pets get placed in their forever homes.
  2. Faster Communication
    Sharing critical information is easier when we know the best way to reach your team. Check in on your member profile and make sure you’ve listed the best team member for us to contact when it comes to updates, details on new product features and general notifications.
  3. More Efficient Support
    Having up-to-date info in your profile also allows us to solve problems with you directly, and reach out to you faster for troubleshooting.


What to Update Today


  1. Email Address
    This information is the most critical part of your profile. Make sure it is up to date and we know who to reach out to with updates, inquiries, and vital information.
  2. Contact Info
    Make sure that any additional contact information is also complete, so that we have backup methods to reach you. Include important names and contacts so we can keep your account—and your adoptions—running smoothly.
  3. Pet Listings
    Once your account is updated, make sure your pet listings are also as thorough and detailed as possible. Our new tools will match pets to people based on these profile details. The more information you include the better matches you’ll get once our new tools launch.


One Last Note


As a member, you likely receive regular emails and communication from Petfinder, especially during this time of change. However, you may also receive emails that are designed to look similar to legitimate emails, but are not from Petfinder, and ask for private information. This practice is known as phishing

Remember: Petfinder will NEVER ask for your password unless you are logging in or using our password reset feature. Avoid phishing attempts by keeping your information private.