Introducing “Introduce Myself” for Pet Adopters

by admin

a new way to ask about a pet

Members asked, and we listened. We’ve modified the “Ask About” button. Now, potential adopters will be able to “Introduce Myself” when inquiring about a pet. This new process requires adopters to provide a few key details to shelters and rescues when asking about a pet, including previous pet experience, lifestyle preferences and more.

This feature is designed to stop excessive emails to shelters, weed out non-interested parties, and provide useful details about an adopter right away—helping organizations decide quickly and efficiently who may be a good fit for a pet.


How It Works

The “Introduce Myself” feature works together with our new Adopter Profiles, helping match user data to pet listing data—ultimately providing you a quick view on an adopter right away.


step 1 through 3

  1. A visitor creates an Adopter Profile to get personalized search results; they find a pet they are interested in
  2. When they click on the “Introduce Myself” button from the pet’s profile, a pre-populated message is created, giving all parties a sense of match suitability
  3. Adopters can add a quick note with additional information, if desired
  4. The shelter receives this message and the adopter’s match data with all inquiries, and has the option to decline or continue with the adoption process using easy-to-use templates


How To Get the Most from Your Matches:

Taking advantage of this new feature is easy for shelters. Just make sure your pet listings are up-to-date and include as much relevant information as possible. The more info you include about each pet, the better matches we’ll be able to find—and the faster you’ll be able get pets adopted and save more lives.

  1. Create Complete Pet Profiles
    Tell us everything you can about each pet you list. Do they get along with other pets or children? Are they house trained? Do you know age or breed mixes? Do they have special needs? This information will be used to help find the perfect adopter for each animal.
  2. Update Your Member Profile
    If you haven’t checked in on your member profile in a while, log in and ensure email addresses and organization details are up-to-date. This will help us make sure we’re sending match details and adopter inquiries to the right person.
  3. Give Us Your Feedback
    We want to know what you think of our changes, how our new features are working for you, and anything we can do to make things better. Join our member panel to help us improve and optimize. It’s easy to sign up through, and you’ll even be compensated for your time via PayPal.


One Last Note

As a member, you likely receive regular emails from Petfinder, especially during this time of change. However, you may also receive emails that are designed to look similar to legitimate emails, but are not from Petfinder, and ask for private information. This practice is known as phishing.

Remember: Petfinder will NEVER ask for your password unless you are logging in or using our password reset feature. Avoid phishing attempts by keeping your information private.