Site Improvements: How Petfinder is Getting Better

by admin

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Every day, millions of users search for adoptable pets on And that means countless adoption inquiries sent to organizations like yours. We’re proud to help facilitate these connections, but we still think we can do more to make the process faster and easier—so you can save even more lives.

That’s why we’re on a mission to make Petfinder Pro work better, starting with what we’ve learned from members like you.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see some changes to Petfinder Pro, beginning with a new look for your admin dashboard. Functionality will remain largely the same, with some minor improvements designed to make your time on Petfinder more enjoyable and productive.

As time goes on, we’ll start to update additional features, using your feedback as a guide. Ultimately, our goal is to expand the functionality of Petfinder Pro to better serve your shelter and rescue teams, and build technology that supports both pets and people.


What’s Changing


Updated Look and Feel
We’ve streamlined the look of your Petfinder account to make the tools you use easier to find. We’ve also created a new website platform, which won’t affect your day-to-day, but will allow us to build and add new features more quickly.

New Pet Listing Options
The add and edit process for adding a pet has been slimmed down from 5 steps to just 2, plus a few other small tweaks to make adding a pet simpler.

Improved Help and Assistance
Contact the Petfinder Tech team from within your account simply and easily or get quick assistance with easy-to-access support articles. Help center materials will also be made mobile responsive, so you can access things on any device.


When You Can Expect Changes


You’ll see our new look and feel first, with changes coming in the next few weeks. As time goes on, our updates will become more regular. We’ll use input from members like you to continuously improve Petfinder.


Share Your Feedback


We hope you’re as excited about these changes as we are, and we’d love your honest feedback as we continue to improve. If you have any questions about these changes, need help troubleshooting, or just want to chat, we’d be happy to assist through our Help Center at any time.


A Quick Reminder


As a member, you likely receive regular emails and communication from Petfinder, especially during this time of change. However, you may also receive emails that are designed to look similar to legitimate emails, but are not from Petfinder, and ask for private information. This practice is known as phishing

Remember: Petfinder will NEVER ask for your password unless you are logging in or using our password reset feature. Avoid phishing attempts by keeping your information private.