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  • Jun 25 , 2014

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    Summer Heat Pet Safety Tips

    Summer is upon us, and many areas are feeling the effects of high heat and humidity. Here are a few quick tips on the essentials for keeping all of the animals in your care cool and safe this season. First and foremost, make sure all animals have a constant supply of cool, fresh water. You can even drop some ice cubes …

  • Mar 20 , 2014

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    Assess-A-Hand and Train To Adopt

    Sue Sternberg is a well-known trainer who travels the country teaching enrichment, assessment and evaluation of dogs. Sue is also a long-time friend of Petfinder. In her over 30 years of dog behavior experience, Sue has acquired a lot of knowledge on the inner workings of dogs. Sue has 4 heeler mixes adopted from various organizations, all kept in line …

  • Belle from Indiana Animal Care and Control

    Feb 21 , 2014

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    Member videos featuring cat enrichment ideas

    It’s always great to see our members doing enrichment videos and sharing them with others! This week, while searching YouTube for videos from Petfinder members, I came across two nice cat enrichment videos which were informative enough to share. They are simple, but still fun for volunteers. The first video came from Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter in Massachusetts. For this one, as …

  • Jan 21 , 2014

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    Petfinder Members Named HomeAgain Heroes

    Petfinder partners HomeAgain celebrated all the hard work animal welfare professionals do by holding their first HomeAgain Hero of the Year campaign. We were thrilled to hear that two extraordinary Petfinder members were finalists, including the first place winner Theresa Strader who single-handedly founded National Mill Dog Rescue. Nominees were individuals who, through intense compassion and intrinsic motivation, made great strides in improving …

  • Izzy from TAPS IL

    Dec 16 , 2013

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    Enrichment for less social dogs

    When you work in sheltering and rescue, it’s not at all unusual to run into shy or insecure dogs. We want these dogs to come around to be happy and comfortable so they can be adopted into loving homes. Your staff and volunteers should set the tone for the organization as a whole, being positive all the way around, but taking …

  • Nov 29 , 2013

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    Engaging Adopters with Open Questions

    Asking open questions during pre-adoption counseling is a conversation technique that encourages engagement. An open question is a question that does not have a “correct” answer and encourages the respondent to start a dialogue with the counselor. The potential adopters are required to reflect upon their knowledge and experiences to answer the questions, and think about situations they may not …