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  • Aug 26 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Help Pets! Take the CATalyst Council Survey

    Attention Petfinder members! Petfinder has teamed up with CATalyst Council to conduct a study we hope will improve animal care in communities nationwide.  We would sincerely appreciate your help by taking a few minutes to answer a few questions: Your identity will remain confidential, and the information you provide will only be presented in aggregate.  Thank you, as always, …

  • Jul 22 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Starting An Email Newsletter

    Looking for the next step to growing your organizations reach and saving more lives? Then it’s time to set up an email newsletter. It can seem daunting, but email marketing can actually be easy, rewarding and even a little fun. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and reasons you may want to use an email newsletter or …

  • Jul 03 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Help Avoid Lost Pets on the 4th

    The 4th of July holiday is almost upon us and some of Petfinder’s adoptable pets are celebrating too!  In the spirit of the holiday we’d thought we’d share with you some safety tips and just a few of the cute and festive adoptable pets on our site! Check out Yankee Doodle from member OK37!   And Patriot from NJ167! More …

  • Jul 01 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    The Black Dog (And Cat) Myth

    Black dogs and black cats are just as likely to be adopted as any other color pet. The myth that black pets are harder to adopt has been hanging around for a long time, and it’s been the one that the ASPCA has been trying to bust, as anyone who reads their blog can confirm. A little while ago they published another blog post …

  • May 07 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    It Won’t Work Here

    The ASPCA Pro blog re-published an interesting post called It Still Won’t Work Here. The post was originally written by Dr. Emily Weiss in 2013 and it’s worth a read. She discusses the common excuse that we all make in both professional and personal situations: it won’t work here. Instead of trying something that has been successful or helpful for others, we already …

  • Apr 02 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Fundraise For The Kittens

    Kitten season is starting up. Are you letting your supporters know how much help you need at this busy time of year? Our friends at the ASPCA have shared some clever ways to market kitten season to your community and supporters. Check out their Four Clever Ways to Message Kitten Season post for more ideas like this one. Use this season to …

  • Mar 20 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Assess-A-Hand and Train To Adopt

    Sue Sternberg is a well-known trainer who travels the country teaching enrichment, assessment and evaluation of dogs. Sue is also a long-time friend of Petfinder. In her over 30 years of dog behavior experience, Sue has acquired a lot of knowledge on the inner workings of dogs. Sue has 4 heeler mixes adopted from various organizations, all kept in line …

  • Izzy from TAPS IL

    Dec 16 , 2013

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Enrichment for less social dogs

    When you work in sheltering and rescue, it’s not at all unusual to run into shy or insecure dogs. We want these dogs to come around to be happy and comfortable so they can be adopted into loving homes. Your staff and volunteers should set the tone for the organization as a whole, being positive all the way around, but taking …

  • Nov 29 , 2013

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Engaging Adopters with Open Questions

    Asking open questions during pre-adoption counseling is a conversation technique that encourages engagement. An open question is a question that does not have a “correct” answer and encourages the respondent to start a dialogue with the counselor. The potential adopters are required to reflect upon their knowledge and experiences to answer the questions, and think about situations they may not …