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  • Aug 15 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Pet Profile Spotlight: The Pixie Project

    Today we turn the spotlight on the pet profiles of The Pixie Project, a non-profit adoption center and rescue located in Portland, OR. These profiles get high marks with their sweet, funny and informative descriptions and warm and inviting photographs.  How did you come to work with a photographer, and what type of direction do you provide? After years of iPhone …

  • Apr 10 , 2014

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    Great Pet Descriptions: Copper

    Meet Copper. Copper is a Red Husky up for adoption at the Humane Society of Southeast Texas. Southeast Texas can be a tough place to be a Husky. Especially in the summer. It’s pretty important that a dog like Copper go to an adopter that is aware of the challenges and the work required to properly care for him. Letting potential …

  • Feb 18 , 2014

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    Great Pet Pics: Adding Text

    Today we check out a fun way to combine both a great pic and a great description. Here’s Juliette from Charm City Animal Rescue. Juliette’s picture, while technically great and beautiful, adds another fun element by putting a short, fun description of her personality on the picture. Charm City Animal Rescue also had some more fun with her description: they reworked …

  • Chloe

    Oct 16 , 2013

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    Great Pet Descriptions: Chloe

    Meet Chloe. She’s a cute little chihuahua mix from Animal Aid Inc in Oregon. Animal Aid also used a fun technique for Chole’s description: writing in the pet’s 1st person perspective. This is a good way to show off the pet’s personality and can be a good technique to help break the writer’s block that can come with describing your …

  • Aug 14 , 2013

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    Great Pet Description: Rosebud

    If a great photo is what catches a potential adopter’s interest, a great description can be what makes up their mind. It can be funny or heartwarming, touching, informative or just a great story but a good description will leave the reader with an idea of who this pet is and what their personality is like. It can help the …