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  • Jul 29 , 2014

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    Handmade Slow Feeders

    Dogs who eat too rapidly can choke. They can also swallow a lot of air, make themselves sick and are at risk for bloat, a life-threatening condition where the stomach can distend and rotate.Rapid eating is also not a rewarding use of a dog’s time. Instead using a slow feeding device or technique means the dog has to think and …

  • Jun 25 , 2014

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    Summer Heat Pet Safety Tips

    Summer is upon us, and many areas are feeling the effects of high heat and humidity. Here are a few quick tips on the essentials for keeping all of the animals in your care cool and safe this season. First and foremost, make sure all animals have a constant supply of cool, fresh water. You can even drop some ice cubes …

  • Dec 13 , 2013

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    Violins and shelter pets

    Did you know that today, December 13th is National Violin Day? While the purpose of this day is to encourage people to listen or play violin music, it got me thinking about the important role music can play in our everyday lives. There is often great passion and delicacy behind violin-based music that many find soothing and studies indicate this …

  • Aug 08 , 2013

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    Stress and respiratory disease

    How big of a role does stress play in respiratory disease? If you work in animal welfare, you likely know it plays a large role. Upper respiratory infections are likely the most common infection in a kennel or shelter environment. Every day in shelters, URI leads to loss of life and prolonged stays. There are many factors which lead to …

  • Kittens available from IL608 Friends of Chicago AC&C

    Jul 19 , 2013

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    Budget healthcare tips

    Ideally you would have a perfect facility with no illness and limitless funds and manpower to continue operating in that state. Unfortunately, we live in reality and we need to work with what we have. Bummer, right? Well, if you play your cards right, you might be able to get farther than you think. After a class with Dr. Karen …

  • Jul 18 , 2013

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    Protect pets — educate the public!

    In DC, our public transport system has a slogan: “See something, say something.” It’s  meant to encourage people to report suspicious bags or talk to security guards if there are suspicious people. The idea is that if we’re all aware of our surroundings and willing to step up and say something, rather than assume someone else will, everyone will be …

  • Glacier is available for adoption in Devore, CA

    Jun 11 , 2013

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    Quick ideas for enrichment

    Grooming may not come to mind right away when you think of enriching the lives of shelter animals, but consider all of the benefits that come with offering well-groomed pets for adoption. As compared to many pets that are not bathed prior to being put up for adoption, a freshly brushed and bathed animal can give potential adopters a stronger …