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  • Aug 07 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    An Introduction to Crowdfunding

    Online social fundraising, or crowdfunding, has taken off quickly. You may recall the Ohio man who raised over $50,000 on the site Kickstarter to make potato salad. That particular campaign may not be the best representation of our societal values, but it is an example of how many people are willing to contribute money to someone else’s endeavors via this …

  • Jul 18 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Follow Friday: Petfinder Foundation

    For grant opportunities, fundraising ideas and uplifting stories from fellow Petfinder members, follow the Petfinder Foundation on one or more of their social medial channels.  The Petfinder Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to support Petfinder member animal shelter and rescue groups in their efforts.  In addition to grant opportunities, the Petfinder Foundation provides the Sponsor Me button …

  • Feb 07 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Unique Fundraisers: Sean Casey Animal Rescue

    Sean Casey Animal Rescue has been helping New York City’s homeless animals since 1998 out of their two Brooklyn locations. When they needed a little help fundraising they teamed up with a rescued cat and a clothing company as they announced on their Facebook page recently. Choonimals clothing designed a t-shirt featuring the face of Princess Monster Truck, an adorable rescued cat …

  • Feb 05 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Add an Address to Your Facebook Page

    There is one simple change you can make to your Facebook page that can create a significant difference: adding your actual address. Adding an address to your Facebook page opens up a couple useful new features for visitors. First, it let’s them map your location to help make a physical visit easier. On top of that however it also allows …

  • Jan 24 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Highlighting Your Events

    Spring has got to be just around the corner by now, and that means it will be time to start ramping up adoption events, fundraisers and all sorts of other activities for your shelter or rescue. When you do so make sure your events are getting seen by as many people as possible by posting them to social media and on Petfinder. …