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    Nov 03 , 2014

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    Important information on upcoming updates to Petfinder including Password requirements

      Beginning Wednesday morning, December 3 at 2:00am ET, Petfinder will be implementing several site enhancements including: – Fixes to the ability to add pets to Petfinder when using Internet Explorer – Fixes to our automatic photo import system for Chameleon shelter software users – Updates to your Admin System Dashboard to share important account information with you and increase …

  • Jul 22 , 2014

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    Starting An Email Newsletter

    Looking for the next step to growing your organizations reach and saving more lives? Then it’s time to set up an email newsletter. It can seem daunting, but email marketing can actually be easy, rewarding and even a little fun. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and reasons you may want to use an email newsletter or …

  • May 01 , 2014

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    Share Your Pet Info

    To help increase adoptions and exposure for adoptable pets, Petfinder sends your pets to many other website partners and our API users. These include sites that have adoptable pet searches which feature only Petfinder pets such as Petco, as well as sites that feature Petfinder pets alongside pets uploaded by individuals like the site eBay Classifieds. API Users are partners who create …

  • Mar 27 , 2014

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    Take a Screenshot

    Sometimes it’s easier to simply show someone what you’re looking at. So whether you’re trying to explain how to use a program, report a bug or just share a great image, there’s many reasons as to why you may want to capture a screenshot from your computer, tablet or phone. Windows: To take a screenshot on Windows computers looks for …

  • Feb 25 , 2014

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    Back It Up!

    It’s one of the easiest things to “get around to later” because it’s never really that important until it’s too late. But taking the few minutes to make a backup of your files can save you days or weeks of work and even hundreds of dollars in recovery costs if and when something does go wrong. If you don’t back …

  • Feb 05 , 2014

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    Add an Address to Your Facebook Page

    There is one simple change you can make to your Facebook page that can create a significant difference: adding your actual address. Adding an address to your Facebook page opens up a couple useful new features for visitors. First, it let’s them map your location to help make a physical visit easier. On top of that however it also allows …

  • Jan 24 , 2014

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    Highlighting Your Events

    Spring has got to be just around the corner by now, and that means it will be time to start ramping up adoption events, fundraisers and all sorts of other activities for your shelter or rescue. When you do so make sure your events are getting seen by as many people as possible by posting them to social media and on Petfinder. …

  • Jan 08 , 2014

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    Getting a Google Alert

    Have you set up a Google Alert for your shelter or rescue? Having a Google Alert is a real simple way to stay on top of what people are saying about your organization. What a Google Alert does is notify you whenever a new result for a search term that you specify shows up on Google. So if you enter the name …

  • Nov 19 , 2013

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    See what’s slowing you down

    You know the symptoms: your computer gets loud as the fan kicks up to high gear, the text you were typing takes 30 seconds to catch up, programs start opening slow or not at all, and the constant spinning of that hourglass or beachball. Your computer has slowed down a lot suddenly. You could wait for it to catch up …