ASPCA Webinar: Fireworks & Reuniting Lost Dogs with Their Families

by Sharon Kutsop

June 18, 2014 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Is your shelter flooded with lost dogs every July 4? The loud noises and commotion that come with the holiday can cause dogs to panic, wiggle out of their collars or break free from their harnesses. How can you help people find their missing pets?

Animal welfare agencies that take a proactive approach to reuniting lost pets with families can elevate their reputations as compassionate lifesavers. Goodwill, positive press and donations can be generated when heartwarming reunion stories and photos are featured via social or traditional media.

In preparation for July 4, experts from Lost Dogs Illinois and Lost Dogs of Wisconsin will give you practical advice to offer support, resources, and tips to worried families searching for their lost dogs. Teaching people how to find their lost pets and avoid common mistakes can avoid heartbreak for many people and animals.

This free, 60-minute webinar will benefit staff and volunteers from any animal welfare agency.