Updated Animal Transportation Best Practices

by Kristen

October 16, 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Online Webinar - AAWA

Animal relocation is an important tool in decreasing shelter crowding and saving more lives. In order to ensure safety, efficacy, and sustainability of relocation programs, consideration must be given to understanding state and local regulations. Animals selected for relocation should be carefully screened for physical and behavioral health, and programs should monitor and address stakeholder concerns proactively. This session will provide a broad overview of the role of animal relocation programs and discuss the indications for various program models, including key considerations to help decide if relocation is right for your agency and address general requirements for source and destination organizations. Recommendations will be presented in light of the updated Best Practices, a living document, designed to expand over time as community and animal needs adapt to societal changes and advancing knowledge of animal welfare.

This is the first in a new 4-part updated Best Practices Webinar Series: Companion Animal Transport (2019), based on the recently revised Best Practices document.

Approved for 1 Certified Animal Welfare Administrator continuing education credit.