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  • Jul 18 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Follow Friday: Petfinder Foundation

    For grant opportunities, fundraising ideas and uplifting stories from fellow Petfinder members, follow the Petfinder Foundation on one or more of their social medial channels.  The Petfinder Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to support Petfinder member animal shelter and rescue groups in their efforts.  In addition to grant opportunities, the Petfinder Foundation provides the Sponsor Me button …

  • Jun 13 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Follow Friday: Animal Sheltering Magazine

    Many of you are likely avid readers of Animal Sheltering magazine in print form.  After all, it is a rare publication completely dedicated to those of us the animal sheltering and rescue field.  If you are not already receiving this magazine at your home or shelter, visit to subscribe. In addition to awaiting its arrival in your mailbox, you can …

  • May 30 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Follow Friday: Petfinder

    This is an easy one to remember.  As a Petfinder member organization, you can follow along with our news, meet other members and get ideas to improve adoptions through our Petfinder Pro Facebook and Twitter pages.  But – don’t forget to follow our main Petfinder pages on social media.  On‘s social pages, you can find easy-to-share information that makes …

  • May 16 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Follow Friday: Dogs of New York

    Dogs of New York is street-style photography, gone to the dogs.  Photographer and dog-lover Kim Wolf is capturing the lives of dogs and dog people around New York City.  The candid Dogs of New York photos show the diverse dogs and people that make New York great, along with captions that illustrate how the subjects feel about their beloved pets. …

  • May 09 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Follow Friday: The Sidekick Series

    The Sidekick Series brings together short documentary-style films and adopted pets.  The results are videos that are beautiful to watch, in every way!  While it is an extremely hard choice, I think my favorite is Episode 12: Betty Rose & The Cattoo.  Inspired by cats, a Brooklyn tattoo artist is known for her ‘cattoo’ designs! Follow on YouTube Follow on Facebook …

  • May 02 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Follow Friday: Shelter Pet Project

    The Shelter Pet Project was created by the Ad Council as a way to bring more attention to pet adoption.  The nationwide ad campaign showcases the joy of pet adoption.  Viewers are directed to search for adoptable pets at  The pets powering this search are yours!  The Shelter Pet Project is powered by Petfinder pets. When you post your adoptable pets on …

  • Apr 25 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Follow Friday: Bret P. Michaels

    The other week, I shared a fantastic feline photo inspiration from Petfinder member, Homeless Animal Adoption League in New Jersey.  Today’s photo inspiration is slightly smaller in stature.  Bret P. Michaels is a guinea pig internet celebrity with hundreds following his creative, beautiful and often comical photos.  When taking pictures of small pets like guinea pigs, getting to face-level makes …

  • Mar 28 , 2014

    Petfinder Pro Blog

    Follow Friday: Petfinder Pro

    Connect with fellow Petfinder members on the members-only Petfinder Pro Facebook page. With more than 1,000 animal shelter employees and volunteers, we’re creating a community of animal welfare focused individuals to share ideas and help pets together. Facebook: Pro Join us! – Sara Sara Kent Nestlé Purina PetCare Director of Shelter Outreach, Petfinder