Million Cat Challenge: Foster Care On-Deck: Strategies to get kittens into foster homes quickly @ Online Webinar - Maddie's Fund
Mar 20 @ 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm

As kitten season fast approaches, we’ll review why it is critical to get kittens and nursing queens out of the shelter and into foster homes as quickly as possible.  After reviewing the “why” we’ll delve into the “how” and discuss strategies to create an efficient, proactive and organized system for foster care placement that can be applied not just to kittens but to all foster placements.

Trapping Tips and Tricks presented by Neighborhood Cats @ Online Webinar - Community Cat Podcast
Mar 23 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Drawing from almost 20 years of experience working with feral cats, the folks at Neighborhood Cats have gathered together their favorite ways of catching the wiliest of felines. Whether it’s putting in a clear rear door, using Spam as bait, wrapping your trap with green garden netting or training a cat to enter a trap, you’re bound to learn something new that will improve your trapping success. Come prepared to share your secret tips and tricks, too!

Million Cat Challenge: Fighting Fungus with Facts @ Online Webinar - Maddie's Fund
Mar 27 @ 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm

At many shelters, ringworm can lead to devastating consequences. However, it does not have to be — with proper protocols, it can be safely treated and cured.  The San Francisco SPCA saves over 350 animals with ringworm every year. Wanting to do more, they created the SPORE (Shelters Preventing Outbreaks of Ringworm through Education) program in 2013 to teach others how to better detect, treat, and manage ringworm in their shelter.  For this session, Laura Mullen, Shelter Medicine Outreach Manager at the SFSPCA, will be outlining research-based protocols that are in use at there and examine how those same concepts apply to a variety of different shelters and rescues. We will explore the use of volunteers and the community to help this type of program flourish in fanatically constrained environments, such as animal shelters.  We will also take a look at a new pilot foster program for ringworm animals called the Finishing School Foster Program that fosters out ringworm animals at the end of their treatment, freeing up space in the shelter to help more animals in need.