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Virginia Fed 2020 Annual Conference
Virginia Fed 2020 Annual Conference @ Founder's Inn & Spa
Apr 1 – Apr 3 all-day
Each year, VFHS presents a multi-day conference featuring renowned speakers who offer training on latest progressive practices in animal care, professional and organizational development, fundraising, spay/neuter programming and increasing lifesaving for sheltered animals.  The Annual Conference is incredibly important to the Federation’s lifesaving goal, not only for the training it offers but also because members are able to develop strong and strategic …
Reporting Animal Cruelty: The Role of the Animal Welfare Professional 2:00 pm
Reporting Animal Cruelty: The Role of the Animal Welfare Professional @ Online Webinar - AAWA
Apr 1 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Veterinarians and sheltering professionals are often the first contact for an animal who may have been abused or neglected. However, many of these animal welfare professionals do not have the resources to identify the signs of abuse and/or neglect, the knowledge of where to report it, nor an understanding of the cruelty laws in their state. After this webinar, you …
Mid-Atlantic Animal Care & Field Services Conference
Mid-Atlantic Animal Care & Field Services Conference @ Princess Royale Hotel
Apr 8 – Apr 10 all-day
The Mid-Atlantic Animal Care & Field Services Conference, the first of its kind, will provide a critical opportunity to build collaboration among animal control agencies, shelters, rescues, and other key stakeholders in our region. This event will provide information and guidance from fellow practitioners, as well as regional and national experts on a range of issues, challenges, and solutions relevant to …
Helping Cats in Your Community Series – Trap-Neuter-Return Basics 10:00 am
Helping Cats in Your Community Series – Trap-Neuter-Return Basics @ Online Webinar - Alley Cat Allies
Apr 15 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Learn the basics of Trap-Neuter-Return with our Helping Cats in Your Community webinar. We’ve put together this resource for you to learn directly from our expert staff how you can improve cats’ lives. In this 60-minute online demonstration, you’ll learn about community cats and how to do Trap-Neuter-Return yourself.
Assessing Pain & Quality of Life in Shelter Animals 2:00 pm
Assessing Pain & Quality of Life in Shelter Animals @ Online Webinar - AAWA
Apr 22 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
We will review quality of life concepts and discuss methods for the assessment of subjective states, including pain.  The goal of the session is to encourage attendees to develop assessment tools for their own facilities and to consider the perspective of individual animals in making outcome decisions.  Finally, attendees will consider how quality of life assessment can be used to …
IAABC 2020 Conference
IAABC 2020 Conference @ Boston Marriott Burlington
Apr 23 – Apr 26 all-day
Register now for our 2020 IAABC Animal Behavior Conference on APRIL 23-26, 2020.  Join us for four days of advanced behavior, science, training, networking and community-building!
Texas Unites for Animals
Texas Unites for Animals @ Renaissance Austin Hotel
Apr 25 – Apr 27 all-day
The Texas Unites for Animals Conference is the heart of Texas Unites’ mission.  Texas Unites provides animal welfare professionals the opportunity to connect, share, and work together to improve the lives of pets and people in their communities.  At the Texas Unites for Animals Conference, you will find hundreds of animal advocates from Texas and our surrounding states coming together …
The Road to Resilience 2:00 pm
The Road to Resilience @ Online Webinar - AAWA
Apr 29 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Especially in animal welfare organizations, resilience is a key component of a productive and healthy team.  Does your organization’s culture support your people in the face of constant emotional toll?  This webinar will focus on building personal resilience. Attendees will learn how to recognize and address compassion fatigue triggers in their animal care work, build support and coping skills, and …