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Chip FurKeeps FAQs for Petfinder Members





Q: What is Chip FurKeeps?
A: Chip FurKeeps is a partnership between and HomeAgain that allows Petfinder members to receive microchips for free each time you have an adopter register the microchip for their newly adopted animal. Microchips are shipped in boxes of 25. Once you’ve registered 25 microchips to adopters, you’ll receive a free box of 25 new microchips.

Q: How do I sign up my group to participate?
A: Call to sign up your organization for the Chip FurKeeps program (1-888-HOMEAGAIN, choose prompt 4, then prompt 1) and start earning free microchips. After placing your initial microchip order (at only $5 a chip), you’ll be able to earn a free chip for each microchip that your adopters register. Organizations signing up for the program for the first time will also receive a box of 25 microchips COMPLETELY FREE to help get you started.

Q: How do I get a HomeAgain Universal Worldscan™ Reader?
A: You can purchase a HomeAgain Universal Worldscan™ Reader for $200. Or, upon program signup, you have the option of purchasing 4 boxes of microchips for a total of $500 (purchased chips are $5/each) as an opening order, and receiving a free HomeAgain Universal Worldscan™ Reader.

Q: What if I’m already using HomeAgain chips at my shelter or rescue?
A: You can still participate! For more information call 1-888-HOMEAGAIN (1-888-466-3242) and choose prompt 4, then prompt 1.

Q: Can groups outside the United States participate?
A: At this time, the Chip FurKeeps program is available exclusively to Petfinder-member organizations in the U.S. offering animal shelter services to companion animals.

Q: My group has signed up for the Chip FurKeeps program. How do my adopters register their pets’ microchips so we can earn free chips?
A: Your adopters will need to know your group’s Petfinder Shelter ID (so HomeAgain can ensure your organization is credited for the free chip), then they go online to or call the dedicated, toll-free enrollment number at 866-802-5650.

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Q: Is the $10.99 microchip registration fee an annual fee?
A: No. Through the Chip FurKeeps program, HomeAgain microchip enrollment (which is regularly priced at $19.99) is only $10.99. HomeAgain microchip enrollment includes lifetime microchip registration as well as a one-year membership in the HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service. Adopters have the option of renewing the extra services provided by HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service for $19.99 per year. However if they choose not to renew, the microchips will remain registered to them for life and their contact information can be updated online at any time for free.

Q: Can I include the registration fee in the adoption fee?
A: The HomeAgain chip registration fee needs to be on the adopter’s credit card. We do recommend having the adopter call the dedicated, toll-free enrollment number at 866-802-5650 or go online at the time of adoption to register the microchip with HomeAgain before leaving with the pet (the adopter will need your Petfinder Shelter ID). Studies have shown that less than 50% of microchips are ever registered by pet parents, so ensuring that microchip registration is done before the pet leaves your shelter or rescue is critical.

Q: Will adopters’ credit cards be automatically charged for HomeAgain membership renewals?
A: When they register, adopters have the option of signing up for HomeAgain membership auto-renewals, but it is not required.

Q: How do my adopters register their chips?
A: Once your group has signed up for the Chip FurKeeps program, during adoption your adopters will call the dedicated hotline or go to the Chip FurKeeps website to register their microchips. Shelters will need to provide their Petfinder Shelter ID so the free microchip can be credited to the correct shelter. Pet parents will need to supply their own contact information as well as alternate information, which will be used in the event they cannot be reached when their lost pets are found.

Q: How do my adopters update their personal information on the chips?
A: HomeAgain members may update their contact information at any time online by logging into at no charge, whether or not they choose to renew their annual membership.

Q: Can I register the chip to my shelter or rescue?
A: In order to earn free chips through the Chip FurKeeps program, the microchips must be registered to the adopter, however, you can request that the adopter list your contact information as an alternate contact. Also, HomeAgain maintains the original microchip shipment information for your group and will contact your shelter or rescue in the event that the primary and alternate microchip contacts are unreachable when the pet is found.

Q: If a pet that my shelter has recently adopted out is returned and adopted to a new home, is there a charge to transfer the microchip registration and HomeAgain membership? How is the transfer done?
A: There is no charge as long as the transfer is done within one year from the date of the original microchip enrollment. For Chip FurKeeps shelters, the transfer is done the same way as a new microchip enrollment—either online or by calling the dedicated toll-free enrollment number. The new adopter will assume the remainder of the HomeAgain membership (e.g., if the pet is originally enrolled by the first adopter in January and the transfer to the second adopter is done in March, the second adopter will take over the remaining nine months on the pet’s HomeAgain membership, and the microchip registration will be transferred into his/her name—all at no charge).

Q: Can other brands of microchips be registered in the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database?
A: Yes. Parents of pets implanted with any brand of microchip can register their pets’ microchip IDs with HomeAgain to become members and receive all the same benefits as HomeAgain members with HomeAgain microchips. They, too, will need to pay the annual membership fee to maintain their exclusive member benefits. Once registered, their pets’ microchip IDs will remain in our database for life, regardless of membership status, and contact information may be updated online anytime free of charge by logging into

Q: What are the extra benefits of the annual HomeAgain membership?
A: The annual HomeAgain membership offers extra services for pets, such as 24/7 access to trained lost pet counselors, Travel Assistance for Found Pets, free anytime access to a Pet Medical Emergency Hotline (staffed with licensed veterinarians), etc. Also, HomeAgain has a proactive network of veterinarians, shelters, and volunteer PetRescuers who are immediately notified through Lost Pet Alerts to help locate lost pets. The first year of membership is included with the initial microchip registration. The additional annual membership benefits can be maintained by the pet parent for $19.99 per year.

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Q: A pet with a microchip came into my shelter. Now what do I do?
A: The first step is to identify the correct microchip registry to call. Use the AAHA Universal Microchip Lookup, available at, to identify the registry with the most recent registration on file for that microchip. If no registration information is found, the tool will indicate the manufacturer/distributor of the microchip. Call the microchip registry, using the telephone number provided, and let them know that the pet is in your care.

Q: Who can insert a HomeAgain microchip?
A: State regulations may vary, but HomeAgain microchips must be inserted by, or under the direction of, a licensed veterinarian.

Q: Can the HomeAgain chips be used for animals other than dogs and cats?
A: Yes – the HomeAgain chips may be used in other species, such as horses, rabbits, ferrets, birds and snakes.

Q: Does the HomeAgain scanner read other brands of microchips?
A: The HomeAgain Universal WorldScan™ Reader is a universal scanner shown in a real-world trial to be the most sensitive in detecting all frequencies of microchips—regardless of brand—and accurately displaying the ID codes.

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Q: Are the HomeAgain microchips readable by other scanners?
A: The answer to this question really depends on your scanner. Here’s why:

In the last few years, significant progress has been made towards the goal of a true microchip standard in the U.S. The 134 kHz chip (aka “ISO Standard” chip) was introduced into the U.S. in 2004. This microchip is defined by specifications developed by the International Standards Organization, commonly known as ISO. HomeAgain began offering the 134 kHz microchip in 2007. HomeAgain also continues to offer 125 kHz microchips, which until recently, was the most common frequency sold in the U.S.

Whether or not your scanner will read HomeAgain chips depends on the scanner. For example, if your scanner was purchased prior to the introduction of the 134 kHz chip frequency in the U.S., it probably only reads the 125 kHz frequency. Please make sure you are using a true universal scanner—one that reads (and displays the microchip ID numbers) of all microchip frequencies and brands sold in the U.S. You will intake pets with microchips other than the frequency and brand you implant—and the only way to be prepared for this is to have a true universal scanner.

The majority of scanners sold in this country today are universal, with the exception of one microchipping company that sells a true universal scanner, but also continues to offer a single-frequency scanner capable of reading only the 125 kHz frequency chip. Make sure that the scanner you are using reads and displays the microchip ID numbers of all frequencies (125 kHz, 134 kHz, and 128 kHz) and all brands ever sold in the U.S.

For the last three years, HomeAgain has offered only true universal scanners–called the HomeAgain® Universal WorldScan™ Reader. The HomeAgain Universal WorldScan Reader reads and displays all known chip frequencies and brands used in animal identification in the U.S. In a real-world trial, the HomeAgain Universal WorldScan Reader was shown to be the most sensitive in detecting all frequencies of microchips—regardless of brand—and accurately displaying the ID codes1.

Petfinder members participating in the Chip FurKeeps program may purchase HomeAgain Universal WorldScan Readers for only $200/each, or–upon program signup–purchase four boxes of microchips for $500 and receive one HomeAgain Universal WorldScan Reader for free.

1 Lord, L.K., Pennell, M.L., Ingwersen, W., Fisher, R.A. Sensitivity of commercial scanners to microchips of various frequencies implanted in dogs and cats. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2008;233(11):1729–1735.

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