Giving Tuesday Fundraising & Donation Campaign Tips

Giving TuesdayGiving Tuesday Fundraising & Donation Campaign Tips


Amp Up Your Giving Day
By Wyn Furman, Digital Communications Manager, San Diego Humane Society

While Giving Tuesday is now an established fixture on fundraising calendars across the country, many nonprofits find themselves weighing the opportunity it presents against the “noise” of an event that coincides with their major year-end fundraising efforts. Instead of looking at Giving Tuesday as a crowded competition with other organizations — or an effort that could be eclipsed by the big retail days of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday — consider it a chance to rally support from a community that already cares about your work.

Below are a few ideas for enhancing your Giving Tuesday strategy, which come from my experience leading San Diego Humane Society’s Giving Tuesday efforts and annual June “Day of Giving” campaign since 2017. Appropriately abbreviated to “DOG”, we developed this standalone campaign as a more economical and effective alternative to our annual telethon.

DOG has evolved into a complex month-long fundraising effort, and we have increased its success through strategies that can also be applied to a shorter campaign like Giving Tuesday. Here are a few key tips that might help you take your own giving day to the next level:

Secure a Match: A major motivator for many of our supporters is helping us meet a matching gift challenge. For our 2020 DOG, our friends at Purina generously offered a match specifically for funds raised through social media. No matter the size, a matching opportunity is exciting for your audience and for the donor whose gift is inspiring the generosity of others!

Give a Heads Up: Don’t wait until Giving Tuesday to tell your supporters and fans that you are participating! Give them a chance to make their donation early so they won’t miss out on this exciting effort if they don’t see your email or check social media on a post-holiday work day.

Use Social Media: And not just for getting the word out. Consider creating your own Facebook Fundraiser or encouraging your supporters to do the same. Add donate buttons to your Giving Tuesday posts on Facebook and try adding a donate sticker to your Instagram stories. Every bit adds up!

Make It Easy: This year we incorporated text-to-give, PayPal and ACH bank transfers so our donors had more options than ever to give in the way that was most convenient for them. If you have multiple programs, allow donors the option to designate their gift for their favorite element of your work. While many people will still opt to make a general gift, it is a great reminder of the impact they are making through their support.

Keep It Going: Be sure your donation forms include options for recurring gifts. You can even highlight the opportunity for donors to turn their decision to give on this one day into support that will make a difference all year long.

Adjust Your Tactics: Unhappy with how Giving Tuesday has gone in years past? Don’t give up! Take a look at what you’ve done before and see what you could do differently to better connect with your supporters. Then, while the 2020 event is fresh in your mind, evaluate what went well and what you could tweak for next year. Your future self will thank you for the road map to Giving Tuesday success in 2021!

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