How Pro Plan LiveClear Reduced Cat Allergens

Live Clear Success Story

How Pro Plan LiveClear Reduced Cat Allergens

By Karen Green

Executive Director of Cat Adoption Team (CAT)

What kind of cat shelter director doesn’t have a cat? One who lives with someone who is sensitive to cat allergens.

I adore cats. And as the executive director of the Cat Adoption Team (CAT) in Portland, Oregon, I have a lot of involvement with cats. Over 3,600 came through our doors last year. But my sister, her kids and I all live together, and my sister is sensitive to cat allergens, so I’ve had a cat-less home for over five years.

Life without a cat is boring. And lonely. And cold. So, I was pretty excited as the launch date for Purina’s new cat-allergen-reducing diet, Pro Plan® LiveClear, neared. Then, by some miracle, we received a small hairless cat at the shelter. (As you shelter folks know, this basically never happens.) A Sphynx/Munchkin crossbreed called a “Bambino.” And while there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic cat (allergens spread through dander, too), I figured a hairless cat would at least be somewhat better for our situation. I managed to convince my sister to let us give him a try. I placed him in a foster home and my friends at Purina rushed a free trial bag of Pro Plan LiveClear to me. I visited Charlie weekly in his foster home during his transition to the new food. I tried very hard to not get too attached in case it didn’t work out. (This effort failed magnificently.) On April 1st, I brought him home.

After my old cat, Sterling, passed away, I didn’t think I’d be able to have a cat again while my sister and I were living together, or not until the kids were all moved out, at least. But the last two and a half-months have been life-changing. Pro Plan LiveClear opened a door I thought was going to stay closed for a long time. And Charlie walked through.

Charlie is an absolute delight. He’s a playful, vocal, curious, heat-seeking, gravity-testing, troublemaking, hilarious, sweet, tolerant, pot-bellied teeny cat with a head tilt and one squinty eye who chews like a puppy. He’s been here with us through what has been an extraordinarily difficult time for the world, for our country, for our family. Charlie is unblemished by the harshness of current events. He helps me make it through the longest days, and he reminds me of the importance of our organization’s role helping cats find and remain in their homes, for the cats, and for the people, who deserve joy, laughter, and companionship.

Pro Plan LiveClear helps make it possible for pets and the people who love them to stay together. It may not be the answer for everyone, but we know Pro Plan LiveClear will make all the difference for many families. It did for ours.

Karen Green | Executive Director of Cat Adoption Team (CAT)

Karen Green is the executive director of the Cat Adoption Team (CAT), the largest feline-only shelter in the Pacific Northwest. CAT provides 1,500 spay/neuter surgeries for cats with low income owners and finds homes for more than 3,500 cats and kittens each year. With over 20 years of experience in animal welfare and a new “Bambino” named Charlie to call her own, Karen is undoubtedly passionate about all things cat.