Need some help with getting the word out for your group or for an upcoming event? Our press team can assist you. Below is a list of the important information you can gather to help them publicize your event. Good luck with your event!

  • Please provide a phone number a reporter may call to get more information. This will not appear in the article.
  • A number for the public to call to get more information. This will be in the article.
  • The name of the organization or sponsor of the event
  • The name of the event or what it is, e.g., Dogs in the Park or yard sale.
  • Time. Day of the week and date. Name of the place, perhaps with the address, giving directions if necessary
  • What is the purpose of the event? If money will be collected, for what will the money be used? Any other information you wish to share about the event will be helpful in writing a release.