Find a Volunteer Photographer

Need an experienced volunteer to help photograph and capture your adoptable pets in their best light?  There a several ways to go about finding professional photographers and expert volunteers.

Before seeking out a volunteer

Know what you want – When you find a volunteer, make sure you can let them know specifically what your needs are.  Do you need great headshots? Or outdoor photos? Perhaps help with a specific pet? These are things you want to be sure to communicate to your photographer.

Be available – Have someone from your staff available to help the photographer or volunteer.  Two sets of hands are always helpful when handling and photographing pets! Having a staff member assist will allow the photographer to focus on taking great photos.

Looking for more tips and tricks to finding expert resources? Check out our Resource Guide here.


How to find a volunteer



HeARTs Speak – HeARTs Speak is a global network of professional photographers, writers, graphic designers, sculptors, painters, illustrators and animal advocates who provide their time and professional services, pro-bono to animal welfare organizations in their communities.  Use their online search tool to find an artist in your local area.  Find out more about the great work they do at



Look online – Sites like Volunteer Match and Idealist  will allow you to place an ad, search for volunteers or photography groups near you.

Talk to your volunteers – Sometimes the best way to find a new volunteer is to talk to your current volunteers. You may have a good photographer or friend of one volunteering already, but you won’t know unless you ask! Maybe they’re just waiting to be asked or don’t have any idea how important having a photographer would be for your organization.

Contact nearby universities and colleges If a school in your area has a photography department, find out who you can contact there to spread the word. Students are often looking for experience and practice and may be able to bring their skills to you.