The FurKeeps Family of Services


Petfinder and our sponsors provide you with the tools to help your adoptions last a
lifetime and keep your pets as cherished members of their new family.

Chip FurKeepsNever buy microchips again! Have your adopters register their new pet’s microchip online or by phone at the time of adoption for only $10.99. For each paid enrollment, you earn another chip FREE. Ninety percent of lost pets without identification don’t ever make it home. Give your adopters the chance to protect their new pet as part of the family instead of becoming a statistic – and protect your budget at the same time. Have questions about the Chip FurKeeps program? Visit our Chip FurKeeps FAQ page.

Register for the new Chip FurKeeps program today by calling 1-888-HOMEAGAIN (1-888-466-3242) and choosing prompt 4, then prompt 1.

Insure FurKeeps

Offer your adopters a comprehensive pet health insurance policy with NO age restrictions and NO strings attached with special offers just for adopters from Petfinder member organizations. PetFirst pays claims within 2 weeks and offers pet parents policy options to best protect their new furry family member, including riders for specific exclusions (like hereditary defects), wellness visits and family plans.

Have questions about the Insure FurKeeps program? Visit our Insure FurKeeps FAQ page.

Click here to download materials for your adopters.

Train FurKeeps

TrainFurKeepsThe Training DVDs are back! Purchase “Training Your Adopted Dog” and “Your Adopted Cat”DVDs for only $0.99 each. Give one to each adopter and empower them to prevent and solve common behavior issues that can keep pets from being treated like one of the family and even lead to their return. The DVDs are commercial free and use proven, reward based training methods. To order, visit

You can also direct your adopters to watch the videos online at