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1. What is the Dashboard?
2. What if I have access to more than one Petfinder Admin account?


1. What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard of the Petfinder Admin System is your welcome screen.  Upon logging in, you will see a snapshot of your Pet List activity:

Recent Animal Additions: The 4 most recently added animals to your Petfinder Pet List

Most Recent Adoptions: The 4 animals most recently marked as Adopted in your Pet List.  Congratulations!

Animals with no Recent Activity: The 4 animals that have gone the longest without receiving an updates to their information on Petfinder – we recommend updating the animal’s photograph and description to increase the likelihood of adoption

You can use the Tabs at the top of the Dashboard to access the various sections of your Petfinder Account.  Or, you can go directly to adding an Animal, Location, Contact, or Event by using the shortcut links found above your Animals with no Recent Activity.

2. What if I have access to more than one Petfinder Admin account?

Upon logging in at pro.petfinder.com you will be greeted with a drop-down menu of the organizations in which you are listed as a Contact.  Just select the one you’d like to view and you’ll get to the Dashboard screen to begin updating that account.

At any time, you can change which account you are updating by selecting a different one from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the Petfinder Admin System.

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