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1. Manage Events
2. Add New Event
3. Edit an Event
4. Event Templates


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1. Manage Events

Click on the Events tab in the Petfinder Admin System to access your events.  You will find a calendar for the current month, as well as a list to the right of the current month’s events.

To find past or future events, use the arrows on the right or left at the top of the calendar.

To move forward one month, click the single > arrow.  To move forward one year, click the double >> arrows.  Or, to skip to a specific month or year, click the Month name to open a box which will allow you to select the month and year.

2. Add New Event

To add a new event, click the “Add New” button from the “Events” tab or the click the “New Event” link from the Dashboard.

a) Event Basics

Event Name: Enter the name of your event as you would like it displayed.

Event Type: Select the type of event from the dropdown menu

Public/Private: If you want the event visible to the public, select Public.  If you want the event visible only to those volunteers and employees with access to your Petfinder Account, select Private.

All-Day Event/Timed Event: Select All-Day Event for events without a specific time (like the celebration of Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month which spans all of February). For Events with a specific timeframe (like an adoption event), select Timed Event. You will select the start and end times at the bottom of the calendar pop-up.

Start Date/End Date: Select the start and end dates for your event using the calendar buttons next to each field.  If the event is one day, the start and end dates will be the same.

Contact: You can leave your Main Organization as the default Contact, or select an alternate Contact from the dropdown menu.  Note that the Contact person’s phone and/or email address will be made visible if this is a public event.

Event added by: This information is automatically generated from the Petfinder Contact information of the person submitting the event

b) Event Description

Type a description of your animal in the box provided.  No HTML is required; use the buttons at the top of the text edit box to bold, italicize, underline and more.

c) Event Location Info

Select a Location from your saved Locations for the event.  To add a new Location, please visit the Locations tab.

After selecting your Location, many of the fields will populate with the existing information.

Related URL: If your event has a dedicated website, add the URL (web address) here.

Embed a Map: To add a map to your event, open a new browser window or tab.  Go to any map-generating website such as enter the address of your event. Once the map is generated, click the link button at the top right-side of the map and copy the first line.

Back in the Petfinder Admin System window; paste the copied URL in the box for an embedded map.

Related Image URL: If you have a photo or graphic to accompany your event, you can post it here.  The image will need to be online already on your own site or a photo hosting site such

Once you have located your photo, right click on it and select Copy Image Location.

Back in the Petfinder Admin System, paste the copied information in the Related Image URL field.

When you have added Event Information, click Add Event at the bottom of the screen to Save your event information.

3. Edit an Event

From the Events tab, locate the event you’d like to edit using the calendar as outlined in “Manage Events”.  Click on the name or date of the Event and update all applicable information.  When you are done, click Update Event to save your changes.  For more information on Events, visit Add New Event.

4. Event Templates

If you often have similar events, such as weekly off-site adoption events, you can save event information as templates for later use.

To begin exploring templates, click the Manage Templates link located in the bar above the list of this month’s events.  This will open a new small window.

To create a template, click the Add New button.  You can save as many templates as you’d like for later use.  When you are done entering the information for your template, click Save Event Template.

To apply a template while adding a new event, just select the template’s name from the dropdown in the upper right corner of your event adding screen.

You can use the Manage Templates link at any time to add additional templates, as well as to edit or delete templates.

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