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1. Public Info

2. Physical Mailing Address

3. Primary Contact

4. Share Pet List

5. Shelter Group Organizations (SGOs)


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1. Public Info

Your public info is exactly that!  The information entered here is the default information for your organization and it is visible to the public.  It will also be added to your home page.

If you are a shelter or rescue group with a facility or main office, that information should be entered.

If you are a shelter or rescue group with multiple facilities or foster locations, enter the administrative headquarters or the location with the most adoptable animals.

The city, state and zip code entered here will reflect where your group appears in our shelter search.

The information entered in Public Info will be your default Location when adding pets or events.   If your animals are housed in more than one location, you can add those shelters, off-site adoption locations or foster homes in the Locations tab.

Learn more about Locations

2. Physical Mailing Address

The information entered here is not visible to the visitors on Petfinder, however Petfinder may use it internally.  In working with our corporate partners and sponsors, we sometimes have the opportunity to send gifts or offers to our members.  Any member of your organization’s address can be used.

3. Petfinder Primary Contact

Using the drop-down menu, you can select any person listed in your Contacts list who has been given permission for full access of your Petfinder account.

You can add to your Contacts or change access levels of existing Contacts in the Contacts tab.

The Petfinder Primary Contact is the point-person for your Petfinder membership and the person Petfinder will reach out to with any questions regarding your account or potential press opportunities.  A full physical address and the best telephone number to reach the Contact must be included.


4. Share Pet List

To help increase adoptions and exposure for adoptable pets, Petfinder sends your pet data to many other websites.  You do have the option to opt-out of these exports, if you choose (but think of all the potential adopters your pets will miss).

We recommend that you opt-in to sharing your pet list with all third parties to get the most possible exposure for your adoptable pets.  You can also choose to share your pet data with just Partner Sites or just Petfinder API Users.

Partner Sites: These include sites that have adoptable pet searches which feature only Petfinder pets (such as Petco, Pedigree, Iams Home 4 the Holidays and Zootoo) as well as sites that feature Petfinder pets alongside pets uploaded by individuals (the classifieds sites and eBay Classifieds).

API Users: These are partners who create more customized interfaces with our data, including major national sites (such as The Shelter Pet Project) as well as individual developers who work on smaller sites with less traffic (you can see examples here:

5. Shelter Group Organizations (SGOs)

Shelter Group Organizations are a new concept for Petfinder members.  This allows larger organizations to manage multiple animal shelters or chapters of rescue groups.

If you are a nationwide network of rescue groups (such as a national breed rescue), this will allow for the parent organization of your group to have access to all Petfinder accounts that are chapters under that organization’s umbrella.

For example, Nationwide Hamster Rescue Service is based in Tulsa, OK and has 10 chapters across the country, including the one at the Tulsa home base.  Each of those 10 chapters has an account on Petfinder and maintains its own list of adoptable hamsters.  Now, the president of National Hamster Rescue Service in Tulsa can designate her Petfinder account as a Shelter Group Organization.  The other 9 chapters across the country can submit a request to join the National Hamster Rescue Service SGO.  Once approved, the president of the National Hamster Rescue Service will be able to view all information on Petfinder for each chapter of her rescue.

If you are the parent organization for a network of chapters or shelters, you can apply to be a Shelter Group Organization by clicking the Register as an SGO link from the Organization Info tab.  Note that after you apply, Petfinder staff will need to approve your SGO status.

If you are part of a network of chapters or shelters and want to join an existing SGO, click Join an SGO and select your parent organization from the dropdown menu.  Note that after you apply, the SGO will need to approve your group to be under their umbrella.

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