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1. Options for viewing your pet list

2. Navigating and sorting your pet list

3. Filtering your pet list

4. Updating pet statuses from your pet list

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1. Options for viewing your pet list

You have two options for viewing your pet list.

  • List View: Snapshot of the details you’ve entered for each of your pets, including the pet description and photo.


  • Gallery View: Large photos of your pets with basic information such as Name, Species, Breed, Age, Date Added, Location and Status.

Click on either “List” or “Gallery” to switch between these two views.

You can update pet statuses (e.g., from adoptable to adopted) from either view of your pet list.  Just click on the “status” drop-down menu located under each pet, and choose the new status.  Once the “loading” message goes away, the pet’s new status has been saved. Updating pet statuses from your pet list

To edit any animal from your list, just click on his or her name, photo or on the Edit button.

2. Navigating and sorting your pet list

The navigation and sorting options are the same for both the List View and the Gallery View of your Pet List.

By default, your Pet List will show 20 pets at a time per page.  You can change this number in the “Listings Per Page” drop-down at the top of your pet list, if you prefer to see more pets at a time per page.

You can navigate through the pages of your pet list by using the “Previous” and “Next” buttons at the top and bottom of your pet list.

There are a variety of sorting options available in the drop-down menu at the top of your pet list.  Choose whichever works best for you.  The default sorting will show you the most recently added animals first.

3. Filtering your pet list

If you need to find one particular pet in a large pet list, or wish to view a group of pets meeting specific characteristics, the Filter option is for you.

You can choose to search by name to go directly to a specific pet.

Or, you can use the filter options to narrow down your pet list by Status, Breed, Location and more.

To remove one or more of your added Filters, click the red X next to Filter you’d like to remove.

To go back to viewing your full pet list, click “Clear Filters” to remove all listed Filters.

4. Changing pet status from your pet list

To make life easier, you can change the status of one or more of your animals right from your Pet List.  Just select the new status from the dropdown menu associated with that pet.  This feature is particularly handy after a big adoption event!

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