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1. Using Reports

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1. Using Reports

Whether you need to compile data for your organization’s annual report or you are just curious to get a snapshot of your posting activity on Petfinder, the new Reports section is an easy and customizable tool.

For each type of report, you can download the data into a PDF file, Excel spreadsheet or CSV file depending on your needs by clicking the “Generate Report” button at the bottom.

Animal Reports: Print a report of the animals in your Petfinder account.  Tailor it to your specific needs by narrowing down by animal type, status and date.

Event Reports: Print a report of all events you have listed on Petfinder.  Customize the report by narrowing down by event type and/or date.

Contacts Reports: Print a document of all contacts listed in your Petfinder account.  This is a great back-up to have on hand when you are not able to be online.

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