Our Frequently Asked Questions page offers assistance for many of our members’ most commonly asked questions.  Or, please click on the images below for further assistance.

Do you have additional questions? Please contact our technical team directly.  If you have a question regarding your new member registration, our shelter outreach team would be happy to assist you.

Your pets’ profiles now feature revised text! The contact and Sponsor a Pet buttons on each or your pets’ profiles have been updated.  The “Donate” button allows Petfinder’s visitors to donate  to your shelter or rescue group through the Sponsor A Pet program. Fundraise more easily just by posting your pets on Petfinder!

The “Ask About” button will allow potential adopters to easily contact you with the option of including additional information through the Adopter Inquiry Form.

If you have a question regarding new features on Petfinder pet listings, please contact the shelter outreach team.