Inspirational Photo Gallery

Here are some inspirational photos to help get you started and show what a difference photography can make! Notice how they incorporate many of the great photography tips.


And what better inspiration that some our members’ pet photos! Can you spot the pet photography tip used in each one?

Nino from AmsterDog is great example of the importance of having a pet make eye contact.



Dijon from member Tree House Humane Society shows how great photos can look when you fill the frame!



Florian from Animal Haven shows how using focus can really highlight the pet.



Crackerjack from Red Door Animal Shelter expertly shows how solid backgrounds can have a dramatic and eye-catching effect!



Hankee from Tree House Humane Society shows off how important and beautiful good lighting can be.



Otto from JR’s Pups-n-Stuff is a great example of how getting down on their level can help make a connection through photos.