One Picture Saves A Life Webinar

Webinar Speaker: Seth Casteel, Photographer

Taping Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Length: 60 minutes

Famed Underwater Dog Photographer, Seth Casteel, created a program in partnership with the Petfinder Foundation,, The Animal Rescue Site and John Paul Pet to provide shelter staff and volunteers with the resources to successfully photograph shelter animals, aiding in giving them the second chance they deserve. Through these efforts, the overall image of rescue and adoption will be improved and every homeless pet will be represented with a positive, professional quality photograph. In this webinar Seth, will cover topics photography tips for shelter pets, camera tutorials, photo editing software, and other tips such as working with cats versus dogs, working with black pets and lighting. All of these tips and tricks are sure to make your pet pictures stand out when you list them on Petfinder!

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