Petfinder hosts webinars on a variety of topics.  Each webinar is presented live, then recorded and added here for you to watch at your leisure.  Do you have a webinar topic in mind that you would like to see or give?  Contact us!

LATEST WEBINAR – Saving Lives with Animal Relocation

Do you have the dogs your community wants to adopt? Could a transport program increase the number of lives your organization saves?

Whether your shelter is seasoned at animal transports or just getting started, this webinar offers tips to increasing the quality, quantity and efficiency of dog relocation efforts. This webinar will explain how to:

• Start a transport program or streamline your existing program
• Tailor your transports to meet national standards for safe and humane transports
• Implement sound quarantine practices
• Find partners for sending or receiving animals using the ASPCA’s new MAP (Moving Animals Places) tool

We will also show you how the ASPCA’s Animal Relocation and Transport Initiative can help you save more dogs in your shelter.

  • Recorded Webinars

    Pet Insurance

    We believe that providing the opportunity for adopted pets to receive pet insurance helps remove a barrier to adoption, enables you to offer a value added benefit for your adopters and, most importantly, save lives.  We are proud to partner with PetFirst in bringing you the opportunity to offer plans to your adopters and their new family members.  Visit our PetFirst webinar section to learn more about how your adoptable pets can benefit.

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