Making Changes for Better Matches

woman smiling on the left and a yellow lab mix dog smiling on the right with a green checkmark graphic in the middle

Improvements for Pet Adopters and Members


Changes are coming to Petfinder to help simplify adoptions and make our platform an even more powerful tool for saving the lives of dogs, cats and other adoptable pets. Both members and potential adopters will notice updates in the coming months—all designed to improve the pet adoption process and increase the odds of finding the right pet for the right person at the right time.


Adopter Profiles

One of our newest features, Adopter Profiles will now allow users to fill out a quick, 60-second profile, and get personalized pet search results, based on compatibility. This means users will see better matches from the start. And you’ll get more details on every potential adopter. No more inquiries without context, and fewer inquiries altogether from incompatible adopters.


Changes to the “Ask About” Button

We will also be updating the “Ask About” button this year, introducing a better way for users to inquire about a pet. To start, potential adopters will be able to “Introduce Themselves”, and send profile information when they express interest in a pet. For members, this means getting important information at-a-glance, so you can quickly pass on a potential adopter or move them forward in the adoption process.


Share Your Feedback and Help Us Improve


Join the Member Testing Panel

Want to try out our new tools and updates before they go live? We’d love to have your feedback. You’ll be compensated for your time, and it’s easy to sign up.


How it Works:


  • Sign up with and watch for our emails
  • Each email includes a test you can either accept or ignore
  • You give us your input on new site features, app improvements and upgrades
  • We get your feedback and you get paid via PayPal

You can also check out how payment works through if you’d like more details.


Get Ready for More to Come!


These changes are just beginning as we’ll be making constant improvements to Petfinder in the coming year. Make sure you’re ready by logging in to your dashboard and updating your existing pet profiles. Ensuring all relevant information is included will help you get the most out of our features and updates the second they go live.

Stay tuned. It’s going to be an exciting year!