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Potential adopters report that temperament and personality are the most important traits when searching for a new pet. Video can help showcase these traits better than a photo. In fact, pet listings that have a video generate 135% more inquiries from potential adopters than profiles without a video.* Bottom line, pet videos work. Check out these tips and tools to help you create and upload great adoptable pet videos quickly and easily.

Taking a great pet videoTips and Tricks

If a picture says a 1,000 words, how many does a video say? Great pet photos are important but video can really allow a pet’s personality to shine. Follow these simple tips and tricks to help your adoptable animals find a great home.


Keeping video simpleKeep it Simple Fancy equipment and a cinematographer are not needed to create a great video. It doesn’t have to cost any money or take up a lot of time. A smart phone and a volunteer is all you need to create something great!


Show Pets in Action – Playing, performing a trick or simply purring – showing off a pet’s personality to potential adopters can sometimes make all the difference.


Let Their Best Qualities Shine – Do they do something adorable or cute? Try to capture that lovable head-tilt or quirk that makes them one-of-a-kind.


Videos with pets interactingShow Pets Interacting with Others – If possible, show an adoptable pet showing affection or connecting with another person or pet.


Keep it Short and Sweet – Roughly 30 seconds is the right length to pull potential adopters in without losing their attention. Just keep in mind that many Facebook (and other social media-users) typically only give videos 3-6 seconds of their attention. So don’t bury that great moment or important information late in the video.


Pet video locationsLocation Matters – Choose a location that allows the pet to focus on you. A clear, uncluttered background can also help. After all, you don’t want anything distracting from your pet’s personality.


Pet video lightingPay Attention to Lighting – Choose a well-lit room or indirect sunlight outdoors. Poor lighting can make the video harder to view and won’t allow your adoptable pet to shine.


Pet video transformationShow a Transformation – For cruelty or neglect cases, show the journey of the pet as he or she gets healthy and ready for adoption.


Break out the Treats and Toys – Much like photography, a favorite treat or toy can go a long way to help an adoptable pet focus their attention on you or the camera’s lens. Have a helper available? Ask them to hold on to the pet or treat while you capture the video.


Share your pet videosUpload and Promote – Upload your video to Petfinder® and help your profiles stand out. But don’t stop there. Also upload your video to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!


*AAP Pet Profile Study 2016

How To Upload


How to upload video


Uploading videos to Petfinder is easy! Click below for step-by-step instructions on adding video to a newly created or an existing pet listing.