What is The PetFirst 30 Day Program?

PetFirst’s 30-day pet insurance plan is an offer available to every dog and cat adopted from your organization, regardless of age. This program ensures the pets you adopt out are covered for accidents and illnesses once they leave your care.  The 30-day pet insurance reimburses 100% of vet bills incurred during this time up to $500 per incident after a $50 deductible, which can be a safety net for a pet parent to be able to afford an unforeseen medical emergency, rather than making the tragic decision not to treat.  Be sure to view the PetFirst Reference Guide for additional information and exclusions.

Benefits for Adopters 

Why offer this to your adopters? The PetFirst 30 Day Program provides the opportunity for adopted pets to receive pet insurance and offers added benefits to your adopters, including:

  • $1,000 of accident and illness coverage for 30-days days at no cost!
  • Covers any cat or dog, regardless of age or breed
  • Able to use the vet of their choosing
  • Added support post-adoption

How does PetFirst differ from other 30-day pet insurance programs out there? View our 30-Day Comparison Chart for a complete side-by-side comparison and our 30-Day Coverage Summary.

How Pet Insurance Works


Benefits for Petfinder Members

We are proud to partner with PetFirst to provide an additional tool in your pet adoption program. The PetFirst 30 Day Program can bring the following benefits to your shelter or rescue group:

  • Added value to your pet adoptions
  • No cost to your organization and no contracts
  • Helps ensure your pets’ health and well-being after they leave your care
  • Free PetFirst Posters, leaflets, stickers and more for your organization

How to Use it

STEP 1: Just save this One Page Summary and send as an attachment to adopters or print for your adoption kits. At the point of adoption the counselor should show the leaflet or summary provided by PetFirst to the adopter and reference the added benefits for the health and well-being for their newly adopted pet.


STEP 2: Adopters must call PetFirst’s toll-free number 855-710-7387 to activate the coverage.

STEP 3: The insurance becomes effective at midnight EST following the activation.

Download and use the Activation Email Follow Up Template and add a web banner to your site to promote this adopter offer.


Contact Information

Chelsea Mull, PetFirst Senior Account Executive  |  cmull@petfirst.com  |  812-206-6979

Petfinder Shelter Outreach Team | outreach@petfinder.com