Print Adoption Materials

“Our Pets Are Online” Cards

Print out and distribute personalized cards for just pennies! Select one or more of our cute designs, add your shelter information and have them on-hand for folks that come to the shelter but don’t find a pet right away. Petfinder members, just enter your shelter ID to print adoption materials and share pets offline

Print Adoption Materials to Share Pets Offline

The cards are set up as fillable Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) forms so that you can add the name of your organization, your url, and email or phone number. The cards have been positioned for use with Avery Business Cards # 8371 so you can print the cards at home, but they are also ready for printing at a copy center if you prefer. Note: these files may look bad on the monitor but print at high resolution.

Print Adoption Materials Petfinder Members Share pets offline



Looking to promote an individual pet?

You can print our new flyers, kennel cards or a full list
of your pets using the Pet List Printer.

Print Adoption Materials Petfinder Members Share pets offline Pet Flyers