10 Tips to Promote Giving Tuesday

Promote Giving Tuesday


By Emily Garman TheSocialAnimal.com

Giving Tuesday is a national day of giving, fueled by the power of social media. It’s celebrated on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

1. Let your followers brag – tell them to use the #Unselfiehashtag or any specific one you create.

2. Give them a new reason to donate – ask, “How much did you save on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Donate that amount!”

3. Say thanks – have your staff and animals make a video saying “thanks” in fun, creative ways. Try creating the video before the campaign so it’s ready to share immediately after the day ends.

4. Remember to register – Sign up at givingtuesday.org to be added to their list of participating organizations and the official newsletter. It will also give you access to sample text, graphics and logos.

5. Get local businesses involved – Ask a business to match the donations you get on #GivingTuesday, up to a certain amount. Donors are much more motivated to give when they know their donation will be matched. If local companies can’t match donations, enlist their help through a social media fundraising campaign, where they agree to donate a certain amount per retweet, like, share or tag.

6. Use multiple online platforms – You can use your regular website donation method, but also use Facebook donations and Instagram’s donation tools. Be SURE your online donation method works and is easy to understand and navigate.

7. Create your own hashtag – There has been #GivingZooDay, #GivingShoesDay and more. Have fun creating your own twist on #GivingTuesday. Maybe #GivingMuttsDay or #GivingCatsDay!

8. Keep Posting – Share photos from past campaigns or volunteer events to show your followers how you serve the community. This helps new donors understand what you do and encourages them to choose you.

9. Embrace #GivingTuesday branding – add the Giving Tuesday graphics to all of your personal and organizational social media accounts to get them noticed.

10. Create sharable, compelling content – Videos, photos and live streams will keep your audience engaged and make them excited to donate!

Emily Garman has been a foster mom and animal welfare volunteer for 20 years and founded TheSocialAnimal.com in 2008 to teach animal advocates how to use social media to raise money, recruit volunteers and save more lives. She presents on next-generation fundraising, social media and internet marketing all over North America.