Sponsor A Pet FAQ


1.  What is the Sponsor A Pet program, and how will help it my organization?

The Sponsor A Pet program encourages the community to help homeless pets by sponsoring their shelter and care until the day they find a forever home.  When someone has found a homeless pet that has touched their heart but they are unable to provide that pet their forever home this program gives them the avenue to help. Even a small contribution can give a homeless pet the chance that they deserve.

2. When will I receive my Sponsor A Pet donations?

The Sponsor A Pet donations will be sent in the form of an e-check directly to your organization.  Donations will be collected by the Petfinder Foundation and distributed once a quarter, approximately 15 days after the end of each quarter.  To ensure that the Petfinder Foundation has your proper email address, please email foundation@petfinderfoundation.com.

3. Is there a fee for this service?

The Petfinder Foundation retains a 10% administration fee. It will be deducted from your donations before they are sent to your organization.

4. How do I become a participant in the Sponsor A Pet program?

Active Petfinder members are automatically enrolled. You may opt out by emailing foundation@petfinderfoundation.com.

5. How can I access my organization’s donation history?

Please email foundation@petfinderfoundation.com.

6. Will I receive the donor’s information?

Yes. As soon as someone donates, you will be sent an email with their name and contact information, the name of the pet they sponsored, the amount they donated, and any personal message they chose to include.

7. Where can I learn more about the Sponsor A Pet program, including terms and agreements?

To learn more about the Sponsor A Pet program, please visit https://petfinderfoundation.com/sponsor-a-pet-member-faqs/. For questions, please contact the Petfinder Foundation directly at  foundation@petfinderfoundation.com.

8. Will the donor receive a thank-you note?

When a donor makes a donation to your organization through the Sponsor A Pet program, they will automatically be emailed a receipt from the Petfinder Foundation including your organization’s name. However, we suggest that you email them a thank you note.