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  • Advanced Photography Tips


    Advanced Pet Photography Tips

    Have the basics down? Here you can find advanced advanced photography tips for adoptable pets and much more! Lighting Having the proper lighting is a crucial component of creating a great pet photo.  There are two primary types of lighting in photography, natural (the sun) and artificial (studio lights and camera flashes): Natural Light –  Natural light is preferable to …

  • Basic Photography Tips


    Basic Pet Photography Tips

    Basic Pet Photography Tips Think your  animal shelter or rescue group doesn’t have enough time, space or money for the perfect photo set up?  Find out how these basic pet photography tips can drastically improve the quality of your adoptable pet photos while spending little or no money! 1.     Find a good location – Find a quiet room or area that …

  • Pet Profiles

    Pet Profile Video

    Guide to the Perfect Pet Profile Video Pet Videos Lead to Pet Adoptions Potential adopters report that temperament and personality are the most important traits when searching for a new pet. Video can help showcase these traits better than a photo. In fact, pet listings that have a video generate 135% more inquiries from potential adopters than profiles without a …