The Social Media Fundraising Formula: How to Raise Money Using the Internet

Webinar Speaker: Emily Garman, Founder of

Taping Date: March 13, 2013

Length: 60 minutes

These days, most animal welfare organizations acknowledge the power of social media tools like Facebook and email for spreading awareness and saving animals’ lives. But most of them have no idea how to effectively use these tools to raise money. Nonprofit organizations are experiencing, on average, a 73% increase each year in online donations since 2009. In this webinar, you’ll see examples of successful campaigns by animal welfare groups just like yours. We’ll also break down and examine some not-so-successful ones, so you can avoid some common mistakes. You’ll learn the five secrets to setting a campaign goal and reaching it every time. Those who attend the webinar will be able to download a bonus question worksheet. Answer the questions, and when you’re finished, you have every element you need for a successful campaign! This webinar assumes that you have basic knowledge of the Internet and social media, and that your organization has a page on Facebook. Download the worksheet here

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