Tractor Supply Company’s Pet Appreciation Week 2014

Petfinder and Tractor Supply Company – Adoption Event Opportunity


What is happening?
Tractor Supply Co. will be hosting its fourth annual Pet Appreciation Week at all TSC and Del’s stores in September, culminating on Saturday 9/20 with events at every store. Petfinder is partnering to help organize an adoption event at each TSC location.

Participation means you will have yet another outlet for exposing your animals to potential families. By catering to the rural lifestyle, TSC serves a niche customer that you may not be reaching through your current efforts. Typically, these customers have land, animals and the means to provide quality care for them

What is involved?

  • Commitment to be present at a store 9/20. . Most stores are open from 8am-8pm. Although not required to be there for the full day, you are welcome to be. Once you have signed up you will work out particular details with the individual store manager.
  • Display space will be provided. A single table with covering and event graphics will be provided. You are welcome to bring materials about your agency and animals available, collect donations, and are strongly encouraged to bring adoptable pets with you on site. Again, any special needs and details should be worked out before the event with the store manager.  If multiple agencies attend a single store, additional tables/chairs may be needed.
  • Giveaways to new parents will be provided. TSC is providing new adoptive parents a free starter kit. All they have to do is show their adoption papers at TSC and get a free adoption kit with info on dog ownership, over $30 in coupons, and some special gifts from TSC.
  • Present your agency,, and Tractor Supply Co. in a professional manner.

*SPECIAL NOTE:  In addition to adoption outreach, TSC is very interested in hosting Rabies Vaccination clinics and related services. If your organization or a close veterinarian partner is involved in rabies outreach, spay/neutering, mobile clinics, micro-chipping services, etc., please be sure to discuss these opportunities with your TSC store manager. TSC is very open to these opportunities and vets partnering with TSC on these efforts have historically found tremendous results and business growth from the relationships.


How do I sign up?

  • Visit and click on P.A.W. Banner
  • Complete the online form and indicate which store(s) interest you
  • Immediately upon completing your registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you and the store manager. At that time, you will need to make contact with the manager and work out details for your event. Some stores may have space or other restrictions that may limit the ability to accommodate multiple groups. Therefore you must confirm details and scheduling with the store manager.
  • If you experience issues with registration, please email


Questions you may have?

  • May my group be at multiple stores in my area? If your organization has the staff/resources to cover multiple locations, this is welcomed by TSC. Please be sure to indicate all locations you wish to cover when you call.
  • What if the location I want already has an agency scheduled? If there are other area locations with no agency registered, it is strongly preferred that you cover another location. If all area locations are covered, most TSC’s should be able to accommodate multiple agencies. It will be up to you, the TSC manager and the other agency contact to reach an agreement.
  • Are we allowed to bring animals on site? Yes! TSC strongly encourages you to bring animals needing new homes.  In rare situations, a landlord agreement or local ordinance may demand otherwise. Your TSC manager can advise.
  • Are we allowed to solicit donations or raise money?  Yes, as long as you have cleared this with the TSC store manager and the activity is not otherwise prohibited.
  • Will we be given space inside or outside of the store?  This will vary by location.  TSC will work to accommodate your agency as best as we can.  Please work with your local manager.