Petfinder Admin System Help Center

Welcome to the Petfinder Pro Dashboard Guide!

Watch the Quickstart Guide Video to help you get started and learn about exciting new features. Click on a topic below for a step-by-step guide of the Petfinder Pro Dashboard. Here, you can find help on everything from the basics to the more advanced features of your account.

Quick start guide: Introduction To The Pro Dashboard

Getting Started: Log In & Connect To The Pro Dashboard

Add a Pet Listing: Add, Edit and Delete a Pet

Photos & Videos: Upload, Edit, and Delete

Sharing Pets: Social, Linking, and Pet Search Results

Managing Pet Listings: View, Edit and Update Pet Listings

Bulk Changes: Select a Group of Pets and Update

Pet Listings Templates: Create and Use Templates

Statistics: Using Statistics and Reports

Dashboard Settings: Contacts, Permissions, and Organization Information

Dashboard Settings: Managing Your Petfinder Homepage

Petfinder Pro Dashboard: Web Browser Support

Events: Create, Manage and Share Events

Account Security: Identifying Fraudulent Emails



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