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1. The Basics
2. Why add additional contacts?
3. How to create additional logins
4. Lost/forgotten password 



1.  The Basics

Log in to your account from pro.petfinder.com or any of the Pro pages.

Your Petfinder Shelter ID and current password will continue to work.

To help you acclimate to the new Petfinder Admin System, here are some commonly used terms you will see throughout the Help Pages, as well as inside the Admin System.

Petfinder Admin System: Where you manage your Petfinder account, update your pet list, add events and more.  You can login at pro.petfinder.com

Petfinder Admin Account: A general term, used to refer to everything that happens within your organization’s use of the Petfinder Admin System

Petfinder Contact: A person with access to your Petfinder Admin Account, or a person assigned as the Contact for one of your pets or events

Petfinder Primary Contact: The designated point-of-contact for Petfinder to reach out to with any questions regarding your pets or organization

Dashboard: Your welcome screen to the Petfinder Admin System with a snapshot of your account activity

Petfinder Pet List: A sort-able and filter-able list of all pets in your Petfinder Account

Organization Info: The main information about your organization, with designated information available for the public to contact you

Locations: The physical locations of your pets and/or events (great for foster homes and networks of rescuers!)

Home Page Manager: The tool used to update your Petfinder Home Page visible by the public

Events: Used to add events to the Petfinder Event Calendar to gain more exposure

Reports: Run a variety of reports based on the information your group has entered into your Petfinder Admin Account

2. Why add additional contacts?

You can now set-up multiple logins for your Petfinder account, allowing different individuals varying levels of access to your Petfinder Admin Account.

Adding additional logins to your Petfinder Admin Account will allow you to control who has access to your Petfinder Admin Account and how much access is allowed.

When adding new contact logins to your Petfinder Admin Account, the Primary Contact will be able to select how much (or how little) access that contact has to the account, from full access to change everything, partial access to edit but not delete information ,or just the ability to view, but not change information.

Multiple logins are optional, but helpful for large volume shelters with a variety of volunteers and/or employees or for networks of foster homes spread throughout the state so each can update Petfinder information, keeping it as current as possible.

You can assign individual Contacts to each pet, allowing interested adopters to reach foster homes directly for a faster reply.

Logins can be assigned to more than one Petfinder Admin Account, making it easy for foster homes and volunteers who work with more than one organization to update information in different Accounts.

Learn more about Managing Contacts

3. How to create additional logins

The Primary Petfinder Contact will need to add each additional person (and assign permissions) in the Contacts section of the Admin System.

The person added as a Contact will need to create a user account.  Note that the email address for the user account MUST match the email address entered for the Contact information in the Petfinder Account in order to be properly matched together.  If the Contact already has a user account on Petfinder, they will not need to re-register.

When the person has created their user account and has been added as a Contact in the Petfinder Admin Account, he or she will be able to login and will have access to the sections of the account assigned by the Primary Petfinder Contact.


4. Lost/forgotten password

If you have lost or forgotten the password for your Petfinder login, please click the “Forgot Password?” link next to the login fields.

You will need to enter your username to receive your password.  If you forget your username, click the “Forgot Username” link.

If you need login assistance, please contact us.




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