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1. About Locations
2. How to Add a Location
3. Managing Locations


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1. About Locations

Multiple locations are available in the Petfinder Admin System.  It is important to note that while they can be associated with your pets and events, Locations are completely separate from your Contacts.

Your Main Organization Information will always be listed in your Locations list.  All places on Petfinder where a Location can be selected will automatically default to your Main Organization Information.  If you are a shelter with a single location for all your animals, you won’t need to change anything.

Locations and your Animals: You can now list an animal in the location where he or she is being fostered or housed and that pet will appear in searches for that area (in the previous Petfinder Admin System, all pets were under the single Main Organization zip code).  Pets must be listed in the Location where they are actually located, whether in a shelter or foster home, upon adding them to Petfinder.

Locations and your Events: By saving Locations, you’ll be able to add events quickly and easily.  Add your weekly off-site adoption events locations or repeat locations of your fundraising events.

2. How to Add a Location

Click on the Locations Tab to get started.

Click Add New to add your first Location.  A new small window will appear.

Complete the Locations form.

Note that the Associated Info will NOT appear on your Pet Profiles.  If you would also like this Location to receive email and/or phone inquiries from the public about a pet, add the associated person’s information into the Contacts section.  Please click here for our Contacts Help Pages.

When you have completed the Locations form, click Add this Location.  You will now find this Location as an option in the dropdown menu for your Animal and Event Locations.

3. Managing Locations

You can manage your Locations at any time by clicking on the Locations tab in the Petfinder Admin System toolbar.  You can sort your Locations list at the top of each column.

To edit an existing Location, click on the Location name in the list.  Update all necessary information and click Update in the bottom right to Save.  This will replace any applicable information on your Pet Profiles or Events.

To delete a Location, click on the Location name in the list.  When you are at the screen to view that Location’s information, click the Delete button at the bottom left.  Any pets or events that were assigned this location will be changed to your default Location (aka your Organization Info – Public Info).

Note that you can not delete your Main Organization Information.  This listing will always be in your Locations as your default Location.  If you need to change your Organization Information, please visit the Organization Tab.

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